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At Glenview Optical your vision is as important to us as it is to you. We provide the latest in lens technology and coatings. We custom fit the appropriate lenses to suit your lifestyle and visual needs.


The top of the lens is made for seeing things at a distance, while the bottom part of the lens is made for viewing things close up, making focusing on books or menus much simpler. The two sections of the lens are usually separated by a visible line.


The executive lenses provide a similar expiriance to the bifocals; excexpt the distance and near side correction line is in the middle of the lens rather than the bottam half providing more close up sight range. 

double Bifocal

The Double-D design is an example of eyewear that has a D-shaped bifocal segment at the bottom of the lens and an upside-down "D-seg" at the top of the lens. The rest of the lens area provides distance correction.

Blended Bifocal

With no visible lines, a blended bifocal offers a more youthful appearance than lined bifocals and trifocals.


Trifocal lenses offer correction for near and far vision, but also enable a person to see clearly at an intermediate level


Progressive lenses offer a smooth transition from distance through intermediate vision to near vision. Progressive lenses also offer vision correction for all of the in-between vision zones.


Called digital—or “free-form”—lenses, these cutting-edge lenses are like high-definition for your eyeglasses, making everything you see seem exponentially sharper, clearer and more vivid.

Image by Patrick Tomasso

We offer


Eye Test Glasses


  • CR-39, Mid-Index, Hi-Index (1.67, 1.71, 1.74) for thinner lenses

  • Polycarbonate for Safety purposes

  • Glass

Anti-glare treatments


  • Mirror Coating

  • Flash Mirror

  • Please Ask for Sample of coating and Tint

  • Prism

  • 3M Press-On

  • Slab Off

  • Pin-hole

  • Safety glasses Z87 - ANS1, Z87


We can order all name brand contacts and do fittings as well.

Need a refill? Call us over the phone and make one trip.

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